Winterfest :: The Treasure Hunt

My name is Julia Kuznetsova. I first joined fandom in year 2000 under the alias of Annabelle Lee. I discovered "Beauty and the Beast" in 1998, around the time when it was first aired in Russia, where I lived back then. I was 14 years old and totally enchanted by the story, even though I started watching it from the end of the 2nd season and it took a couple of years untill I got my hands on the rest of the episodes.

This quiz is something I did for the first Winterfest Online all those years ago, it was published on my website which I unfortunatly no longer have time for. But maybe some of you can remember this one. :)

I bet many of you have noticed that there are moments in 'Beauty and the Beast' that seem incomplete, as if something was cut out of them. The most obvious example, at least for me, has always been in 'A Children's Story'. Let's see why...

Shot #1
Vincent opens the gate
'A Children's Story'

Shot #2
Catherine looks up at Vincent
'A Children's Story'

Shot #3
Vincent takes his hand from Catherine's!
(Gee, they are quick! What has happened there?)
'A Children's Story'

Do you see?
Now find the name of the episode where you can see the missing shots!